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Roasting Coffee



Roasting to Enjoy

Roasting coffee is a craftsmanship. It requires the ability to develop a bean's character and extract the optimum flavour profile. 

At ORIGINAL HABESHAWIT COFFEE we're running numerable tests on our test roaster to highlight the bean's character. Once the ideal profile is matched with our clients taste or attribute, we're running the profile and program with our commercial roasting unit. 

A drum roaster gives the bean the time it needs to develop its flavours. Time is the most valuable factor in this phase and we run roast sessions between 18 and 25 minutes and 160-200 degrees. Long roasting means low temperature. This is a huge difference and our main advantage over large roasting companies. Our coffees develop more flavour, have a distinct character and are incredibly digestible. 

Coffee and Chlorogenic Acid

Green Coffee Beans contain Chlorogenic Acid. Chlorogenic Acid is one reason for developing heartburn or stomach/gastritic issues. This acid is a pepsin and a combination of Coffee Acid and China Acid. It causes over acidification and in extreme form creates peptic ulcer. 

Chlorogenic Acid disappears during the roasting session over time and temperature. The longer the roasting period, the lower the content of Chlorogenic Acid in the roasted bean. As a rule of thumb, the Chlorogenic Acid tends towards zero after 20 minutes of roasting. Large coffee companies cannot afford long roasting cycles due to the high volumes of coffee roasted per hour and day. Such companies roast between 90 seconds and 5 minutes using infra-red or forced air roasting. Chlorgenic acid is not degradable during this period and stays as chemical composition in the roasted bean; this means that conventional roasting companies donated roast digestible coffees.

We proud ourselves to honour the highly valuable Arabica bean and give it the time it needs to develop its flavour and profile. Our commitment to this process results in a world class coffee ready for our valuable clients.


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