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Habeshawit* Coffee

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Habeshawit Coffee

Ethiopia - the cradle of mankind and ... Coffee. Coffee is not as old as "Lucy", the first Hominid found about 3 Million years ago in Hadar but the roots of Coffee can be traced back to the tenth century, when Ethiopian nomadic mountain  people may have been the first to recognize the stimulating effect of Coffee beans.

Ethiopian Coffee is pure, strong and pristine and even throughout the development of the international Coffee market and Coffee as driver of the Ethiopian economy, domestic farmers enhanced the genuine flavors of the Ethiopian Arabica beans.

"Habeshawit"... the Amharic word for "represent Ethiopia" is our way to honor and present the originality of Ethiopian Coffee for over thousand years.

Ethiopian Coffee 


Retail and Wholesale Clients can experience the unique flavor profiles of various coffee beans from different Ethiopian regions. Beans from Harar, Jimma, Sidamo or Yirgacheffee, each unique in its tastes get you on a journey across the country.

We offer you washed or dried green coffee beans but also roasted and "ready-to-go" for grinding. Once grinded you can enjoy the bold flavors, pure and unblended, which makes this tasting experience unique.

All our roasted coffees can be used in espresso machines, Pour-Over filters, or boiled in new style coffee jugs. However you'll experience a true flavor explosion when Habeshawit Coffee is boiled in the traditional Ethiopian Coffee jug, the "Jebena". The Jebena, is the essential piece of the world famous "Coffee Ceremony".  The Jebena and the small traditional cups called "Sini" or "Finjal" can also be ordered in our online shop.

Habeshawit Coffee is Ethical Coffee


Due to our deep cultural and social roots in Ethiopia our company cares about its people and the community it is relying on. We respect the cultural heritage of farmers, their economic interests as well as the environment they're living and working in.

All Habeshawit Coffees are organically grown and certified. Each bag of Coffee that leaves our facility is stamped with a unique code, so the journey of the Coffee can be traced back to its source.

With the purchase of Habeshawit Coffees and products you support Ethiopian people. A portion of the proceeds for the sale of each bag of Habeshawit Coffee goes back to the community to support the needy and underprivileged. This is our promise and commitment to a sustainable and flourishing community.

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